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Children age  three to eight love books with pictures and that’s a fact! Many of us would say we still do regardless of age. Technical books without illustrations leave so much room for doubts, creating uncertainties. Do you know why? It’s because people concentrates better with pictures.

The thing is, drawing illustrations and/or being artistic is a whole different ball game. It is not simple. It takes creativity, patience, hard work, and most of all talent. With KATHAKO helping you find the right resource/s and affiliate/s in our roster, you will find the right way to Success!

Make your own opportunity! Publish an illustrated book, develop your own comics adventure, perhaps your first children book. Why not picture an advertisement idea for your product lines. How about a character design for your own company mascot? Let us do the cover design of your next book.

KATHAKO is here to make you happy! We are part of the solution!

Each of our  artist designer has his/her own collaboration approach and rendering style giving you an enjoyable and unique experience while your project takes shape. Why not check their work portfolios now!

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Message to our valuable clients

Our product, training, and services provide an extra dimension to quality experience, creative learning, and customer satisfaction respectively. We work hard to remove complexity from the tools and business processes by using a more personalized approach and fit-for-purpose methodology. With conscious effort, we focus on real-life approaches to arts and designs. We develop solutions that appeals to mainstream audience.

We help set you up for success, creating fundamentally good quality projects and ushering sound business decisions. You learn how to use popular and available tools without delving too much in unnecessary complexities that you might not even need. Our Training videos are all prepared with our clients in mind, starting with the most basic that were specially geared for beginners. Upon purchasing the training videos, you can watch them anytime and as many times you like.

KATHAKO basic courses on tools and processes should solidify your present knowledge in Arts and Designs. It will add another layer of learning most useful to what is most important to you at work and even your other personal objectives. We build our teaching curriculum to new comers as interrelated but independent video series to quickly help students to learn the needed skills.


Our training modules have your best interest in mind!

If you and/or your group are beginners or you have no experience with the business, creative tools and processes we've listed, call or e-mail us. We're here for you.

If interested in a more personalized and tailored learning, we can do it too specially for you! We will give you a quote and if you accept, then we will make the necessary arrangement to deliver your course.

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