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If you want to get business traction, customers must understand What Your Service is About, they should know What You Sell, or They Won’t Buy It. With KATHAKO Explainer Video, it takes only 30-90 Seconds to Convey Your Message.

For a reasonable price, get a high quality video that will catch your prospective client’s eye. With close collaboration, together, we will create that great and unique Explainer Video and/or Business Video Intro that will satisfy your every expectation. Price starts from  USD$400 plus applicable taxes.

Sample Product Video

E-Touch Up Products Intro Video

Special Music Video

The Prayer

Do you have grandkids? Do you want to make them happy? It would be a pleasant feeling bringing your memories of them in one musical video, something they will cherish all their life. We can pull together a memorable musical video using your own select music, sounds, photos and short video clips.

Book Advertisement Video

Schedule Quantitative Risk Analysis

Are you a writer? Maybe, a publisher? You must be looking to advertise your work through video ads at the most reasonable price. Of course you do! If you are up to it, let’s do a project together and develop your idea. At the end, it’s definitely worth it. Why not? Call now or e-mail us to explore opportunities!

Special Music Video

What a Wonderful World

Do you want to make someone happy? Your Mom, Dad, your spouse, special someone? Why not put something together they will cherish all their life? Let us help you pull a touching music video together using your favourite music, photos and short video clips. Make them feel important! Make them smile!

Short Video Book Advertisement

Risk, What are you?

Risk, What are you? The Risk Management Poem:  A children book for all professionals, a book for children of reading age (with some guidance), young leaders, future managers, and all professionals. It is available on Amazon and various international outlets.
Rufran C. Frago P. Eng., PMP, CCP, PMI-RMP, Author

Our professional video developers, artists, and editors will work with you to come up with the best suggestions derived from years of experience. In a sense, you can say it’s your own idea that generates the end product, and we respect that. We are part of the solution and your success is truly our own as well. We value the message, the art, the beauty, and customer impacts supporting the conveyance of what your company value most.

Look at the gallery of video samples above to give yourself an idea of what you want. Just imagine the possibilities, the throng of clients who will come flocking to your enterprise doorstep. Let’s talk and start you journey with us.

We want to help you sell your products and services! We’d like to support you introduce your company, your trademark, and your brand to the world. Our Explainer Videos will ensure you do just that!

Explainer Video1

We also provide self-publishing consulting services to new Authors using the platform!

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