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For a reasonable price, get a high quality book cover for your book that will catch your reader’s eye. With close collaboration, we will create that great and unique design that will satisfy your every expectation.

You also have the option to choose from a a gallery of ready-made Cover designs (Coming Soon!). We can have your cover ready within three (3) to five (5) business days. All ready-made covers are exclusive. It means that once you buy it, no one else gets it. The e-book cover is USD$200 plus applicable taxes. Paperback covers for USD$300 plus applicable taxes.

Sample Design 1

Plan to Schedule, Schedule to Plan

Sample Design 2

Risk-based Management in the World of Threats and Opportunities

Sample Design 3

How to Create a Good Quality P50 Risk-based Baseline Schedule

Sample Design 4

Schedule Quantitative Risk Analysis (Traditional Method)

Sample Design 5

Risk, What are You? Children’s Book for all Professionals

Sample Design 6

Grace, The Guardian Angel

Sample Design 7

Risk, What are You? Children’s Book for all Professionals

Sample Design 8

KATHAKO at PM Solution Pro Continuing Education

Our professional book cover designers offer expertise gleaned from years of experience. We value beauty, and design impacts supporting real business values.

Look at the gallery of completed work samples and copyrighted templates to give yourself an idea of what you want. Enjoy the come-on beauty of them all. Let’s talk and start you journey with us.

We want to help you sell your books! Our cover design will ensure you do just that!


We also provide self-publishing consulting services via platform!

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