Creative Applications

Visit our page and see for yourself! We offer your business the tools of creativity. From simple to huge undertakings, our recommended softwares and easy-to-learn applications will be the greatest companions you can ever hope for!

Art Tools and Supplies

Find the best creative and artistic tools there is in the market. Because we have you in mind, chances are big, it is right here!

Intuitive, elegant, sophisticated, uniquely adaptable, affordable, and easy to use!

Digital Electronics

Wherever your business takes you, you have to be ready to operate with ease and comfort. Record that conference segment and upload it into your company blog page like a pro. Bring that action camera always. Don’t miss any action!

Book Nook

Of course you want to know how to be more creative. If you’re a parent, you would like to see your children develop their talents in the arts. If you’re the leader and the boss, you’d prefer that everyone excels in your department.

So, why not visit our library. We offer your business the how-to books of creativity! Grab one now!

KATHAKO Message Store

Welcome to KATHAKO promotional products, trade show giveaways big selection of corporate gifts, marketing giveaways, and other growing promotional items.

Quality and relevance all the way. Your clients will remember your message as their very own for many years to come!

Isn’t that amazing?

Inspire and Uplift

Have you had a passion so deep that you couldn’t help but do something about it? Something that was deep in your veins and inspired every beat of your heart? We have, and that’s why KATHAKO brought you Inspire and Uplift. We believe it’s our job to spread happiness, joy, and inspiration around the world. That passion and drive bring your own vision to life.


Message to our valuable clients

Our products and services provide that great customer satisfaction and unique collaborative experience. We work hard to develop and create a more personalized product for you. With conscious effort, we focus on practical, real-life approaches to your videos. We develop solutions that appeals to your audience.

We help set you up for success, creating fundamentally good quality projects and ushering sound business decisions. Our Training and Explainer Videos are all prepared with our customers in mind.

Come on, let’s talk business...


Purchase and learn new creative tools, utilize our services, enjoy the expertise of our artists, then enjoy their artsworks. Show your family and friends. We will help you design your projects. Bring us in to help you create your book cover, make that great first impression and then sell more books than you’ve imagined!

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