Our Approach

Our Mission

Be part of the solution!

Deliver business objectives, advise, and teach with excellence while utilizing best creative tools, methods, and approaches.


Our Philosophy

Our creations, your keys to success!


Our Goals

  • To supply professional creative resources, business management tools, design expertise, learning, and solutions to clients globally.
  • To provide professional training on artistic tools, creative management approaches, and philosophies, including new or old methods, helping client assimilate the best fit-for-purpose approach.
  • To support the sharing of experiences that will help and enable clients to be ahead of the pack, to be more productive, and successful.

Our Story


Our Approach

Who we are

KATHAKO is a consulting, advisory, product, and training tradename of RBM&S Inc. dealing with the finer, creative, more artistic aspects of business.

This tradename works hand-in-hand with sister tradename PM Solution Pro in offering products, professional project/business management supports services to clients who are looking for help in the field of creative, artistic, digital, and graphical designs/illustrations.

We utilize unique best fit-for-purpose approach to successfully meet key objectives. We help clients identify opportunities, learning together, and increase positive exposures.

Our Story


Our Approach

Some of the things we do

Our initial portfolio plans to offer the following services:

1) Book cover designs

2) Video ads (cover clips)

3) Customized logo designs

4) Digital photo-editing

5) Digital repair of old photos

6) Book illustrations

7) Portraits and various art works

8) Creative consultations

Our Story

Meet the team

We are growing a pool of dedicated artists, creative designers, illustrators, business and project management professionals with well-defined experience in the creative industry, who are passionate about education, training, and sharing as a means of bringing inspirations and customized solutions to our clients needs.



Founder & CEO

Rufran’s creative personal pursuits through the years includes hobbies and interest that includes writings, and various artistic fields of interest. He is using the pseudonym/ pen name UPANOG. Rufran is a self-learned author, satirist, illustrator, cartoonist, editor, poet, artist, portraitist, 2D/3D modeller and designer.

An artist by heart, a poet by nature, a writer by desire, and a musician by accident. His usual mode of expressions are pen and ink, pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, chalk pastel, charcoal, oil, and acrylic on paper and canvass. Dabbles in green screen photography, origami, silk-screen t-shirt printing, graphic arts, home architectural/landscaping drawing, solid rendering, commercial illustration, logo design, and simple animation. Number of years experience: all his conscious life.



Administration Manager

Ann holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce major in Management. She started in office management and administration while with PhilBanking and FERMA Marketing until marriage/family life came calling. She joined PM Solution Pro to provide precious, critical, and strategic management advice where effective administration is most needed.

She collects and assimilates needed business information to improve logical analysis, schedule, and decision-making. In recognition of her sociable, warm and friendly nature, she is also the company’s Public Relation Advisor.



IT/IS Technician Support Level 1/2

Jorrell is the company's desktop, tools, applications, and systems specialist. He takes care of all IT/IS management support including office administration. He typically answers calls and interface with clients to resolve e-issues.

He is responsible for acquiring, testing, installing, and monitoring new PMSP applications and systems.

Jorrell serves as our dependable in-house IT/IS consultant responsible for defining the company's software, hardware, and network requirements, including configuration of communication devices and accessories, and cloud-based data storage management.

He is a graduate of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Information Technology-Computer Systems.

Next Steps...

Do you need the right creative resource to deliver successfully? How about a talented artist, a powerful designer, maybe an inventive cover page/web-developer, an elegant illustrator to bring your business or project to new heights?

No need to look further because we can provide you the resources, to teach, and help you, personally or virtually on-line. You lead the way, we show you how! It’s your call!


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