Creative Consulting

We make connection, listen actively, identify your objectives, clarify key performance indicators, and deliver fit-for-purpose solutions. KATHAKO firmly believes that your success determines our success. We are part of the solution!

Book Cover Designs

Our professional book cover designers offer expertise gleaned from years of experience. We value beauty, and design impacts supporting real business values.

We want to help you sell your books! Our cover design will ensure you do just that!



Let us know what you need and we will pair you with the right resource/s. You practically select from the sample portfolio in our gallery of previous works. Be it an illustration for a major presentation or for your soon-to-be published book, we will help you pull things together.

Character Designs

We have a band of talented artist with many years of aggregate experience ready to produce top-of-the-line mascot, toon, and character designs for clients and agencies across the world.

Web Designs

Our web designs celebrates what you value most, with simple yet strong appeal to all types of audience, invoking interest, facilitating, and converting them to loyal customers in due time.


Logo Designs

We start engagements by close collaboration, satisfying your needs through high-quality visuals, symbols, and graphics plus hard-to-ignore message to come up with your logo. Try us and be simply surprised!

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We will talk more about our services here.

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We will talk more about our services here.

Under construction...


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