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Welcome to KATHAKO Relaxing, Comforting, Calming Nature Videography! We may each have different languages, but we understand each other through music, sounds, and sights. Whatever is hurting you, whatever is stressing you, our videos and sounds are here to alleviate your sufferings and hopefully put you to that much-needed rest, sleep.

Our channel features one of the best concepts from across YouTube. Join us to explore our fascinating forests and beautiful nature collections. First, see what nature can do for you by watching these videos, then proceed to go there in person. There is scientific proof about the healing effects of connecting with nature. With every stressful day, our overworked minds and bodies, appreciating nature can yield excellent results.

My name is Rufran, and this is my channel. Thank you for listening and leaving positive feedback. If you enjoy our videos, please subscribe and join our community. All the best and take good care of yourself! Keep smiling and share the link to this video with your friends and family. Cheers!

Credit: Various artists and photographers created some video segments. All rights belong to their respective owners.

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