A New Comic Illustration to help learn the Filipino Language

SALITANG UGAT by Rufran C. Frago aka UPANOG 
Title Translation: Root Word by Rufran C. Frago aka Upanog
Rendered using Procreate


Funny word’s play comic illustration using root crops (Lamang-Ugat in Filipino vernacular) as character. Entertains ideas as to where some particular seemingly pure local words came from. Learn the Filipino language by correlation.

English Translation:

Corn: My friends, thanks for visiting. Welcome to my kingdom! Barrio Cornfields!
Carrot: Do you have a problem Miss Raddish? My advise to you is just keep it in.
Radish: Of course! I’m mad! My sweetheart, the Eggplant has another love! 
Tomato: Relax, keep it in.
Potato: I agree with them Miss Raddish. Your emotion, just keep it in.
Miss Raddish: I know already! “Kipitin! Ikipit! Kipit! These words came from the English word “Keep it in,” “I keep it,” and “keep it.” Only thing I know is, he will get it from me!