Remembrance Day Reflection : “Fear is a Reaction. Courage is a Decision”

Sir Winston Churchill once said, “Fear is a Reaction. Courage is a Decision.”

Such a statement makes me appreciate more of our fallen heroes. The awesome pride and inspiration they brought to those who survived strengthened the resolve of all freedom-loving people of the world. Quite clearly, nations remembering their fight to preserve liberty for future generations make all emotionally happy. We are all fortunate recipients of their ultimate sacrifice. God bless their souls!

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KATHAKO Celebrating Palm Sunday with you all!

” … the central message of Easter is that God still loves us, and because of Christ we can be forgiven. He came for one reason: “Christ died for sins once for all … to bring you to God” (1 Peter 3:18). May you welcome Him into your life during this holy season (Graham Homily, 2013).”

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Special article for Filipinos written in their vernacular.

Nilikha at Iginuhit ni RUFRAN C. FRAGO

Ang salitang Osidabulyu ay galing sa daglat ng salitang Englis na “Overseas Contract Workers.” Ito ang termino na unang ginamit ng Pamahalaang Pilipinas sa mga Pinoy na nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa sa ilalim ng isang lehitimong kontrata.

Pagkalipas ng ilang panahon, ginamit na rin itong pantawag sa lahat ng Pilipinong nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa maski na ang mga ito ay mga puslit at mga nasa kategoryang T&T o tagu ng tago. Ngayon, ang OCW ay napalitan ng OFW (Overseas Foreign Workers).

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