Prayer for a Successful Married Life, a divine summon for God to bless your relationships

Recite this prayer to ask God to bless and keep your married life safe and successful. When your relationship is going bad, summon the Lord’s help to bring it to the clear and straight path. If your married life is having problems, that it may be fixed! Pray for comfort, healing, and salvation. Pray these words of supplication to request God’s mercy and grace for you and your spouse. This is a powerful invocation you can always depend on. God will not let down a sincere and prayerful heart.

Share this prayer with your siblings, relatives, friends and members of your family. . You can lean on this prayer every time. It can be one of your comforting Christian prayers in times of uncertainties. Pass this video along! God bless! Please like and subscribe to be notified of more prayers.

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